LOOPiN | Event Planner

Product Design

The Story

A Client came to me and talked about his frustration on planning a simple event with group of his friends. He wasn't satisfied with what other apps were offered, and he was not talking about planning the upcoming vacation for the next month or the huge party he's been planning for days. His idea was something quick and minimal so he can instantly create and event and share it with his friends.

The Problem

Why is it always hard to plan something on a Whatsapp group? He himself mostly missed the original plan in the thread of messages in a group message. There are challenges to bring a small group together in a short amount of time.

The Goal
Reduce the redundant conversations in group chats and keep the process of planning an activity to the minimum

We started off the project by asking a few key questions to layout our assumptions and to get to know our main users better. The main questions were Who are the users? What are their needs/problem? When and How is our product being used?

Users Main Tasks
  1. Create a an activity with the least amount of efforts

  2. Share it with friends

  3. Track who's attending the activity

  4. Update participants with major information about the activity

User Persona & Journey

I created user persona for two types of users, and list the main activities and tasks that the user have to go through based on what we've discussed before. We gathered user's touchpoints, feelings, and thoughts and at the end we brainstormed on different opportunities we have to improve our user's experience through out the journey.

Brainstorm and Wireframing

I added more pages and details to my prototype. In this stage, I also made the prototype interactive in order to be used for usability testing.

Visualize Flow

I added more pages and details to my prototype. In this stage, I also made the prototype interactive in order to be used for usability testing.

User Testing

At first, I made the mockup ready for in person user testing. I defined an interview protocol for myself and created a consent form for users to be confirmed and signed before the test.

I briefed my testers and asked them to go through two tasks, “Create an Event” and “Plan an Event”. I also asked user to “Think Out Loud” as they’re performing the tasks. In this way I could also listen to their trains of thoughts as they’re tapping/sliding on the prototype. I took notes and record videos on a few tasks to better analyze them later on.

I listed all the possible changes and revised the mockup. In the next stage I continued the user testing process in an online form.

In order to have a more efficient user testing process, I used A/B testing method for the online usability testing. I created two versions from the home page, and used usertesting.com to send each design to a group for evaluation and getting feedback.

Branding and Polish

I gave my app a name. I’ve been looking for a smart and thoughtful planner, so I called it Planrt.

The very last stage was to apply all the changes from the user testing and other feedback, and create a high fidelity version. The UI elements from color and icons were finalized, and the interactions and transitions were improved based on the feedback.