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Ossareh Counselling Services


The Story

“Ossareh Couselling Services” provides psychotherapy services to adults requiring support to improve their mental health or to reach their personal or professional growth goals. 

Explore, Evolve and Embark on a New Chapter

“Ossraeh Counselling” logo consists of a symbol and a wordmark. The essential elements in the logo follow our personality and slogan. The combination of items such as “brain”, “heart”, “hand”, “stairs” convey the message that we explore and improve your mental health, and we support you in your journey until you reach your goals.

The logo follows the principle of simplicity with creating simple geometrical shapes from natural elements such as heart and brain. These shapes create “originality” and “balance” in the logo.

Ossareh Counselling Color Palette Typography
Ossareh Counselling Brand Identity
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